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 Why is this page here?

When mobile applications add the additional security of pinning a certificate for Kony servers, the application is built with information that allows it to use only locked down certificates.

This site is available so that developers can pull updated Kony public certificates before general release, rebuild the applications, including both the old and new certificates, and publish the updated binaries to the various app stores. Your applications should be published before Kony updates the certificates on the cloud servers or customers will no longer be able to connect.

Please monitor the Cloud Status page, where we announce upcoming certificate rotations. We suggest subscribing to the Kony Cloud atom feed on that page to stay updated.

The links below will allow you to view this page using the related certificate.

Developers can use the following openssl command to download the desired certificate:

    openssl s_client -connect [host:port from below]

For example:

    openssl s_client -connect

The next certificate rotation is Saturday Sep 24 01:00:00 2022 UTC

If you are using Certificate pinning [Deprecated] you must add the updated certificates to your mobile applications, republish to the app stores, and notify your users to update their devices before the certificate rotation date.

 What certificate do I need?

 Public Key Quick-Start

The json below has the necessary hashes for Public Key Pinning of the Kony Cloud certificates.

Note: The keys are not changed for this update. It is not required that you pin the GoDaddy intermediate certificates. If you are already using Public Key Pinning your hashes should already match the following. Because we are not rotating the keys, if you are using Public Key Pinning this update should not effect your mobile applications.

      "*"                            : "0ZthiJ5UVQ8hsfAffBBXOG47GaYYqWYevfSBymzD7IU=",
      "*"                       : "Vl8m48QuCJCWmExf4qCgG3Bg4jsHoLm0MWuJxdRSfa8=",
      "*"                       : "kBPa5D46ZHhpioxuhHvn1KfXHJjhJ59PhkL7R+y70pg=",
      "*"                  : "87TgJxGf1xYQM1IpZTSLEouu/Rstp2p7dFg7TX9h2rM=",
      "Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2" : "8Rw90Ej3Ttt8RRkrg+WYDS9n7IS03bk5bjP/UXPtaY8=",
      "Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority - G2"   : "Ko8tivDrEjiY90yGasP6ZpBU4jwXvHqVvQI0GS3GNdA="

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